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The Floridian Senior Resort is BGI’s appeal to the American generation born between 1946 and 1964

who call themselves the active generation. This product is designed to reach this “new” population of

aging (not old!) renters entering the market. It is created to embrace aging bodies while

appealing to ambitious yearnings for “act two” play.


The Floridian Senior Resort is a unique ONE STORY rental product in a resort atmosphere with amenities readily available for lively senior adults.  Universal design features are cleverly incorporated to make physical living easy and yet the clean, modern, open floor plans say “young and active”.


The Floridian Senior Resort will attract vibrant, educated boomers with its Coastal Resort look and amenities that focus on an active lifestyle: Kayaking clubs, bicycle clubs, coffee cafes, running clubs, resort pool with cabanas, Fitness with video training, fully equipped gym, craft beer bar and clubroom for events are some of the enticements.


A full service concierge will attend to the planning so the “Floridian” can enjoy the fun of “act two”.


Floridian SENIOR Resort

TOWNHOME Product Overview:

The Townhome Product: BGI’s on-going success story

The Townhome concept was designed and developed as a result of BGI’s long term experience in the apartment marketing and management business.


The Townhome Product has been very successful because it offers an alternative to the familiar 3 story walk up multi-family buildings so common in the market.  It lives and feels like a single family home and as such, has a broad appeal, attracting empty nesters as well as young families.

One of the most unique and cost effective features of the design is the “flex” garage.


The Townhome Product  is designed for 60% garage coverage, but the assignment to a particular unit is flexible, yet attached.  In a rental application, the connecting door to the attached garage can be locked at the entrance to one Townhome and opened for use by the adjacent home. In a “for sale” product, once the unit is sold, one of the connecting doors is removed.

This flexibility optimizes both rentals and sales.


As part of our dedication to long term ownership and management, we take care not to cut corners that might result in deferred maintenance problems. Yet the product is designed to allow for cost effective construction.

The TOWNHOME Product

Today, BGI’s principals are focusing on the upcoming housing needs of the retiring

Baby Boomers. Baby Boomers are about to BOOM again..And it’s coming quick. BGI

is taking their accumulated experience and creating well designed rental products to satisfy the needs of this “booming” market.

Product Overview:

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